The Big Gay Al Presents

Proudly based in Catford, London SE6



The big gay al . . .

. . . has been my online moniker since the early days of the internet when I worked for Microsoft managing their online gay chat room when chat rooms were still a thing! Yes folks, I am that old.

People often ask me at events and fairs “The Big Gay Al?…..So are you?” and the answer is always ‘Of course”

I am big, I am gay and I am Al!

This is the webpage for my business, The Big Gay Al Presents, under which name I produce, host, teach and explore. This webpage is a work in progress, evolving along with the business, and taking the same twists, turns and detours as I do. This isn’t my main job, my day job which pays the mortgage, but it’s a step towards building a portfolio-career doing lots of things I love. This is all currently my side hustle but one day it will be as close as I have to a job.



The Big Gay Al is proud to support the Wildcat Wilderness. Wild Cat Wilderness is a community green space in Catford coordinated by the Rushey
Green Time Bank, which is a local charity. It is a natural wilderness off Catford Hill, which you can help shape and get involved in by volunteering. It is a community space where you can explore nature and the wildlife, play or relax in its peacefulness, learn new outdoor skills or crafts, share and enjoy the space with other local people of all ages, cultures, faiths and