The Stockists - Web Page Update

New Stockist Page


I’ve been working on the website some more today, cleaning a few things up and adding some new pages.  


This includes the addition of a new Stockists Page with details of all the current stockists of my marmalades, preserves and of course the soaps too. 


Initially you could only buy from me direct when I did a fair or market. Then I extended to an Etsy shop so that you could buy online, and then I finally got to grips with the website that I’ve been paying for for a year and couldn’t work out how to get it working!


You can still buy direct when I appear at fairs and markets of course, see the Events page to see where I am next. You can now also buy direct online from me here on my website, but also from stockists here in Catford and further afield. This includes Catford Cornucopia and Wild Cat Wilderness, Heima  at Lytham St Anne’s, Archibald’s cafe, Bottle Bar & Shop with an exclusive, and new stockist Good Food here in Catford who are stocking me as part of their Christmas range. 

I have another two local businesses that will also be stocking products shortly - sign up to the BIG GAY VIP mailing list to hear first! I’m also looking for some stockists further afield. Cute little deli shops; gift shops and seaside cafes.  If you think you know somewhere that might be suitable, ask them. Then if they are interested tell me and I will see if we can arrange supplies! There’s a potential finders reward of a jar of marmalade for any introductions that result in a wholesale order or 12 jars or more. 


In the meantime, please go out there and support the small independent retailers. Christmas is make or break time for many of them and buying just some of your gifts and treats with them makes a big difference and helps keep money in the local community too. 

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