Kitchen Closed


The Big Gay Al Presents kitchen is now closed for the holidays! A massive thanks to everyone that got their last minute orders in - these will be dispatched tomorrow and should arrive in time for Christmas. 

Still need that marmalade fix before Christmas? The good news is that there are some lovely stockists across the U.K. that have stock (albeit limited stock) available and are open for a few more days.  There are a number around Catford, SE London and SW London, as well at at Lytham in Lancashire. Thanks to all my lovely stockists for your faith and support in 2018! 



Find your nearest stockists  HERE

Find your nearest stockists HERE

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have bought marmalade from, tasted preserves with, eaten, drunk, partied or workshopped with The Big Gay Al in 2018. It’s been a phenomenal year in so many ways, and yet 2019 already looks to be bigger and better! If you haven’t already, sign up on the website to become a #BigGayVIP and you will receive the latest news first, exclusive offers and my eternal gratitude. 


I’d like to pay special thanks to Matt, my long suffering fiancé! He’s had to get used to being surrounded by marmalade 24/7, everything smelling of marmalade, the pervasive smells of pickles and potions, my occasional whinge, and my frankly manic behaviour! He does so without complaint, and even cooks dinner for me occasionally when I’m working late. Not only that but he ferries me around like the Queen of Sheba, dragging me and my jars around town or making deliveries on my behalf. 

Thanks Matt!! xx

Thanks Matt!! xx

We are away over Christmas and the kitchen will return, refreshed and reinvigorated in early 2019.  See you soon!! xx


ps. Remember, #NotJustForToast !  

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